Welcome, Andrea!

We are so pleased to announce that Andrea Cook, from Guelph, will be joining our OSA cello faculty in the fall. She will be teaching in Oakville on Thursdays, both private lessons and group class. Andrea met some of you at the May 4th Cello Spring Concert.
Amazingly, she is another of Jo-Anne’s cello daughters, along with Genevieve and Amber (although a slightly distant one, LOL) as she was a student of Jo-Anne the one year Jo-Anne taught at the Suzuki String School of Guelph, in 1978, which was Andrea’s first year of cello! Here she is at the Guelph school’s annual final concert, spring 1979, the little blonde girl on the far right with the beautiful bowhold!

Welcome, Andrea! We are so glad to have you with us.



Thanks for the several offers of help!

It is 11PM Saturday, so a bit late to sort out who is offering what, but we appreciate everything, and any leftovers, of non food things, can always be taken home if we have duplicates.
See you all tomorrow afternoon!

Last minute Spring Cello Concert reminders, Take 2.

Hi cellists and parents,

Where: QEPCCC, in the “Rehearsal Hall”-the building is well signed.

When: Tomorrow! Sunday, May 4, 2014. Arrive by 2:30 for tuning and stage set-up. Magenta Group by 2:15, please. Unpack backstage, not in the hall.
(We start playing at 3:30. This does NOT mean to come at 3:29!!!)

What (to bring): CELLO, bow, black cello stand, STRAP!! -floor is very slippery, with no cracks or crevices. Music, and small cello stools-we have no spares there!

What (else) to bring: Treats, etc for after. I have only received two offers of help, and one of drinks. We still need more drinks, and more paper plates and napkins, and some big garbage bags, plus offers to help set up and clean up. Thanks to the two Moms who offered!

What (to wear): Your group colour, plain (as in, no collar or writing on the front ) short sleeved T shirt, (from Michael’s, under $5) with dark pants and shoes. Magentas, not sure what to say… LOL. (red is fine)
Since it is STILL cold, layer it over a plain long sleeved white shirt, if desired.

Further questions should be sent to Jo-Anne,
However, all the above is a repeat of information already posted. Please read all posts carefully!

And now for something completely different!


John and I just had a new floor put in the kitchen. We need the kitchen repainted, with wallpaper stripped off first, plus we need a new counter and sink. We also have a new tap ( plus installation) from a firm, that we “won” in a silent auction, which we would like to use since it is paid for. Can anyone recommend someone to do this work for us? We had these kind of contacts when we lived in
K-W but not here. We will need out hardwood refinished and some fitted rugs replaced as well at some point.
The kitchen is the priority though we need it done by the beginning of July.
Anyone have a helpful suggestion?
Thanks, from Grammacello (and Grampaflute!)
Please email if you can help with a name or something!


Spring Cello Concert, details

Our annual Spring Cello Concert, (which has been on the Group Lesson Schedule posted here on this blog, since August 2013,) takes place on SUNDAY May 4th, 2014 at 3:30 PM.

ARRIVE between  2:30 and 2:45 please.

The concert is, as last year,  at QEPCCC in the Rehearsal Hall at the far end of the corridor by the front door, to the left. There are signs. We will begin smartly at 3:30. Please arrive by 2:45 as it takes a LONG time to set up cellos and tune. Dress is your group colour T- shirt from Michael’s and dark bottoms and shoes. There is a room for cases behind the stage (to your right as you face the stage). Leave cases, coats, snowshoes, skis…. etc there. Do not unpack in the concert area.

You MUST MUST MUST remember your cello strap as the stage and floor are slipimagepery. Not a donut or black hole but a strap! Also your cello stool if you are small and use one. If you own a solid black stand that pushes down low, please bring that as well. And your music, if necessary.

Please bring some treats to share such as cookies and squares, as we have done in past years. If you are willing to bring drinks (and cups) or paper plates and napkins, please let Jo-Anne know by email.  We will need some old hand parents to set up and supervise the snack tables at the concert.

If there is an issue not covered here, leave a comment or email Jo-Anne and I will follow up with another post, if needed.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Here is Alexander, by the way,  on his CELLO STOOL, using his CELLO STRAP!

He also has remembered his BOW!