Private Lessons/Jo-Anne


Jo-Anne’s students


 Dates are all Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

FALL 2013

WEEK 1: September 10, 11

WEEK 2: September 17, 18

WEEK 3: September 24, 25

WEEK 4: October 1, 2

WEEK 5: October 8, 9

NO LESSONS OCTOBER 15, 16 (Gramma-ing inSeattle!)please note that I did teach this week after all-see November 26, 27 for further details)

WEEK 6: October 22, 23

WEEK 7: October 29, 30

WEEK 8:November 5, 6

WEEK 9: November 12, 13

WEEK 10: November 19, 20

WEEK 11: NO LESSONS, In Seattle: I AM MISSING THIS WEEK INSTEAD OF OCTOBER 15, 16 when I DID teach after all

WEEK 12: December 3, 4

WEEK 13: December 10, 11

WEEK OF DECEMBER 17, 18: Makeup week for missed lessons on October

29,30:(cancelled by me)




WEEK 14: January 7, 8

WEEK 15: January 14, 15

WEEK 16: January 21, 22

WEEK 17: January 28, 29

WEEK 18: February 4, 5

WEEK 19: February 11, 12

WEEK 20: Feb 18, 19

WEEK 21: February 25, 26

WEEK 22: March 4, 5                        


No Private lessons March 11, 12 or 18, 19               


WEEK 23: March 25, 26

WEEK 24: April 1, 2

WEEK 25: April 8, 9

WEEK 26: April 15, 16

Originally a week off, now this week is MAKEUP WEEK 1 FOR MISSED LESSONS by the teacher: April 22, 23

WEEK 27: April 29, 30

WEEK 28: May 6, 7

WEEK 29: May 13, 14

WEEK 30: May 20, 21

MAKEUP WEEK 2 FOR MISSED LESSONS by the teacher: May 27, 28
This brings everyone up to date. (There were a couple of other makeup weeks before Christmas.)


If the weather is bad, that is an act of god. I will be in the studio, of course, as I have a seven second commute….Snow days/nights are gifts for all to enjoy. If you cancel, it will not be made up. The parameters are too subjective.

I remind you that lessons cancelled by the student for any reason will NOT BE MADE UP. Lessons cancelled by me will be made up at the end of the year, in May or June, or refunded, at the end of the year, at my discretion. This is OSA school-wide policy.

PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME TO SWITCH YOUR LESSON, on a given week, TO A MONDAY, THURSDAY, OR FRIDAY.  I cannot do this. There is some VERY limited flexibility, for schedule changes, within the Tuesday/Wednesday of a given week. If I can help, I will, but only for solid reasons such as specialist doctor appointments. In addition,  I remind you that I was very seriously ill two years ago, and as a result, my immune system is compromised. DO NOT BRING YOUR SICK CHILD, OR COME SICK YOURSELF. People continue to do this and I was ill most of last winter, with eight separate infections. If families knowingly bring sickness to the studio, I will not be able to continue as their teacher, starting that week. 

I know this sounds really harsh,  but it is very upsetting, not to mention dangerous, for me to be continuously sick.The main problem seems to be variations on “he/she was fine when I sent him/her to school this morning, but now guess I can see he/she is getting sick….”. (halfway through the lesson…..)  Please be as vigilant as possible about this issue!