Last minute Spring Cello Concert reminders, Take 2.

Hi cellists and parents,

Where: QEPCCC, in the “Rehearsal Hall”-the building is well signed.

When: Tomorrow! Sunday, May 4, 2014. Arrive by 2:30 for tuning and stage set-up. Magenta Group by 2:15, please. Unpack backstage, not in the hall.
(We start playing at 3:30. This does NOT mean to come at 3:29!!!)

What (to bring): CELLO, bow, black cello stand, STRAP!! -floor is very slippery, with no cracks or crevices. Music, and small cello stools-we have no spares there!

What (else) to bring: Treats, etc for after. I have only received two offers of help, and one of drinks. We still need more drinks, and more paper plates and napkins, and some big garbage bags, plus offers to help set up and clean up. Thanks to the two Moms who offered!

What (to wear): Your group colour, plain (as in, no collar or writing on the front ) short sleeved T shirt, (from Michael’s, under $5) with dark pants and shoes. Magentas, not sure what to say… LOL. (red is fine)
Since it is STILL cold, layer it over a plain long sleeved white shirt, if desired.

Further questions should be sent to Jo-Anne,
However, all the above is a repeat of information already posted. Please read all posts carefully!


1 thought on “Last minute Spring Cello Concert reminders, Take 2.

  1. Hi Jo-Anne,

    Thank you for the extra reminder. I have been insanely busy over the past month between school functions, family gatherings, and the kids’ activities. It has finally all caught up to me and I have a terrible cold… totally congested, same with my husband. But we will get Matthew there tomorrow for the concert. We will bring something like juice boxes tomorrow but I won’t offer to help serve anything as I don’t want to get too close to anyone. I still have to accompany 3 of my children at the senior recital tomorrow evening… GOD HELP ME!

    See you tomorrow!


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