And now for something completely different!


John and I just had a new floor put in the kitchen. We need the kitchen repainted, with wallpaper stripped off first, plus we need a new counter and sink. We also have a new tap ( plus installation) from a firm, that we “won” in a silent auction, which we would like to use since it is paid for. Can anyone recommend someone to do this work for us? We had these kind of contacts when we lived in
K-W but not here. We will need out hardwood refinished and some fitted rugs replaced as well at some point.
The kitchen is the priority though we need it done by the beginning of July.
Anyone have a helpful suggestion?
Thanks, from Grammacello (and Grampaflute!)
Please email if you can help with a name or something!



One thought on “And now for something completely different!

  1. You may want to talk to Beata Buczkowski’s husband. Her son MAtthew is in the Red cello group. I believe he may do some independent contracting of this nature

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