The Cello Concert on December 7th has been cancelled

Genevieve and Jo-Anne announce the cancellation of the December 7th Christmas Concert at 3PM at QEPCCC.
The number of families unable to attend makes it impractical to devote the next three groups to concert rehearsal, and the cost of renting a venue, which is considerable, is not sensible.
A lot of factors have come together here. As well, we have observed over the years an increasing expectation that every organization must stage a December holiday event. People are thus busier and busier every year, during December.
We feel that this is the best decision and will be welcomed by most families.

Please note that there are 4 more Thursday Groups for small Red, Blue, and Yellow, on November 21, 28, and December 5th and 12th. We will continue to work on seasonal repertoire for fun.

Magenta has two Monday groups with Amber, on Nov 25th and December 9th.
Magenta now also has full RED on November 28th and December 5th.
We are aware that this means no groups at all for Magenta this week, but two the following week.
This is because we cannot use the larger room on Nov 21 at St Paul’s as we will be in the nursery, and full RED does not fit into that room.

Please address any questions, if you are still not clear, to Jo-Anne or Genevieve by email.
Discussions and questions on group evenings between classes are not a good plan. The teacher needs that time to take a short break, and to set up for the next class.

Thank you, everyone, for your forbearance.


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