Group Cancelled tomorrow, please respond!

Hello Cello Families,
Your cello teachers are a sorry sight! Jo-Anne’s bad back is still being iced and rested and taken to the osteopath after 19 days, sigh.
And Genevieve has a nasty nasty cold that seems to last and last at the acute stage which involves a throat that will not allow her to speak through 3 (plus) hours of group.
So between us, we cannot manage group this week. (This does not apply to Magenta group)
All Cello Group Lessons for this week are CANCELLED. There is NO group this Thursday, November 14, which is tomorrow.
IMPORTANT: Please email Jo-Anne at with a short acknowledgement that you are aware of the cancellation. I need to know that everyone has heard as I do not want any of you going to the church unnecessarily on Thursday.
There will be no make-up group, as there are four or five extra groups, (that you do not pay for) scheduled during the year to make room for possible cancellations.
Genevieve plans to come and teach her private lessons on Friday November 15 as usual. If this changes, last minute, you will be emailed and there will also be a post here.


5 thoughts on “Group Cancelled tomorrow, please respond!

  1. Hi Joanne,

    Message received – no group tomorrow.

    Sorry to hear you and Genevieve are not well.

    Please note, I didn’t understand the note below, that this doesn’t apply to > > So between us, we cannot manage group this week. (This does not apply to Magenta group > Magenta group..?

    My understanding is there is no Thursday group for Magenta on the 21st, and that they will be meeting with Amber on the 25th. Would you please let me know if I have this wrong..?

    Thanks a bunch. Pam

    • Pam, yes -all that meant was that Magenta, whenever it is, is not cancelled or affected. It still is on. As for the Nov 21st, we will perhaps need to revisit that since now this group has been missed and we really need all of the number scheduled. Genevieve will tell us that tomorrow when she is here.

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