Has anyone seen my bow????

Hi cello players and parents,

This will sound weird and irresponsible, but here it is:

I own two bows. One is a relatively inexpensive carbon fibre bow worth about $275. This is my second (spare) bow. I use this every time I teach.

My good bow is a $1200. full sized, wooden bow with the name of the maker which is KNOLL stamped into the wood of the stick adjacent to the frog.

Incredibly, this bow is missing. Generally I teach using my spare bow to save the good one but when I came back in the Fall to teaching, it was missing.

Certainly I do not believe that anyone deliberately stole it! But someone may have it in their case by accident or may be using it not realising that it was  switched  in the studio with mine. Or, as I am sometimes a senile old lady, I may even have lent it to someone and then forgotten about it.

I sure hope it will turn up, so I ask everyone with a full sized or even 3/4 cello and/or bow to check all your bow(s) CAREFULLY, please. I am quite worried and  really hope someone has it, since two months of searching has not been successful.

Thanks everyone!

More to come soon, regarding our new and exciting Cello Christmas Concert Format!

Jo-Anne Goyder, AKA



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