Tonight’s group room location

imageWe are still in the process of finalizing our  arrangements with St Paul’s, aka the friendliest group venue ever. We will from now on, with the exception of 3 evenings over the season, be using the Friendship Room for all groups.

Enter from the east side parking lot as you did last week. However, instead of turning right and going downstairs as you leave the parking lot, go straight ahead and enter the church through the leftmost glass door. Go up the flight of stairs, turn immediately left past the church office and straight ahead to the end of the short hall, through the doors marked “Friendship Room”.

This room is better in all respects than the nursery. It is larger, has excellent parent seating, a piano, and is quiet and removed from the other activities taking place at the same time. We are very lucky to be allowed to use it-it is not generally rented to outside groups. Thus, we must insist that NO FOOD OR DRINKS, besides water, be brought into the Friendship Room.

We are also welcome to use the area at the top of the stairs outside the room, as a rest/waiting area. Cases should be left outside the room. Stands are not provided. Please bring your own black low Manhasset stand, your cello stool, and strap every week, as well as ALL your music: all Suzuki books for review, new music from last week, and your Hallowe’en folder.

See you tonight!


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