Cello Group Classes 2013/2014. : Fee Information and Details

Please note that, depending on enrolment, your class may be at either 5:30 or 6:30, if you are in Book 1. We will finalize this as soon as we have confirmed enrolment from everyone.
Beginners through Perpetual Motion will definitely be at 5:30, however.

Senior students, in at least Book 5 and via teacher recommendation, may potentially enrol in an additional senior technique class, which will take place irregularly on another day, and taught by Amber Ghent. Details about this possible class will be available in September.

Please note that payment for Cello Group will be as it was up until the end of the 11/2012 season. Do not pay OSA.

RED group, which is by invitation, runs from 7:30 until 8:45 PM. in the Friendship Room.
COST is $640. per year.
You may pay with one check ($640.) dated September 1,2013; four checks of $160. dated September 1, 2013, Dec 1, 2013, March 1, 2014, and June 1, 2014; or twelve checks of $53.35, dated Sept 1,2013, and monthly thereafter through August 1, 2014.

BLUE group, which is generally for Book 2 and early book 3 students, meets from 6:30 until 7:30 in the Nursery.

YELLOW group, which is generally for beginners and Book 1 students meets from 5:30 until 6:30 in the Nursery.

COST for BLUE and YELLOW groups is $480. per year. You may pay with one check ($480.) dated September 1, 2013; four checks of $120., dated September 1, 2013, Dec 1, 2013, March 1, 2014, and June 1, 2014; or twelve checks of $40. dated Sept 1,2013, and monthly thereafter through August 1, 2014.

**If you need help with group placement, please speak to your private teacher, or email

Checks are payable to Jo-Anne Goyder, and must be received by the first group class. It would be helpful if you could mail checks to:
Jo-Anne Goyder
2033 Seabrook Drive
Oakville, ON
L6L 2T8

Jo-Anne’s students please note: this year I need separate checks for Group and Private Lessons.

Cello Groups will take place at St Paul’s United Church, 454 Rebecca Street, on the south side between Fourth Line and Dorval. There is ample parking beside and behind the church. Enter through the first (main) side door, east side of the building, and go upstairs and to your left, for RED group.
BLUE and YELLOW groups enter by the first door to your right (not the double door straight ahead.) You walk down a half flight and the room is immediately to your left. We will post signs.
AS ALWAYS, bring your cello chair/ stool and strap! (not a donut-the floor is slippery) BLUE and RED group students should bring their stand. We prefer the black, non foldable Manhasset concertino model stands, available from the Sound Post. It is important to have this model, as we cannot see younger children over the taller kind. Folding stands are……..a disaster, in general. There are some sturdier models out there but these cost as much or more as the black Manhassets. Cello group set up is a real issue. It takes far longer than setting up violins or flutes. You would be amazed. Tippy, unstable, tricky-to-unfold stands add a good 5 or more minutes to a group set up which is already time consuming. Do not forget your bow.
And your group folder! Students of all levels should bring their Hallowe’en folders from last year, together with any music, to the first group. The complete rationale behind our Hallowe’en pieces and party will be addressed in a Fall post.

As per OSA policy, Group Lessons missed or cancelled for any reason, including teacher illness or bad weather, will NOT be made up, as there is no room in the schedule.You are paying for fewer lessons than those in the schedule. If we do not end up cancelling any, you get a couple (or three) free groups.
GROUP FEES cover rent, teacher salaries, accompanists, photocopies, folders for cello group music etc. There are no additional costs for concerts, except the OSA wide Christmas Concert for all instruments, which is optional for cellists, this year. This issue also will be addressed in a coming post.
Cello group teacher-to-student ratio is small, and we play considerable non Suzuki Repertoire, reading music, as a cello ensemble, beyond the Book 1 level to facilitate reading skills. It is our goal to foster music reading skills as part of our group program. BLUE and RED groups perform in the yearly OSA Chamber Music Festival.

The CELLO GROUP LESSON SCHEDULE is posted under Cello Calendars ( on the toolbar of grammacello.wordpress.com ) sub heading: Group Lessons. This year there will be no printed schedules. It was very time consuming and expensive to do the August send-out letters and most people are using electronic calendars and schedules. Please consult Grammacello’s Studio ( the blog) with any questions you have before emailing one of the teachers. If it concerns the Group Schedule, it is there and all new information or any changes will be published on the blog as well. You MUST “follow” grammacello.wordpress.com! It is the way your teachers will communicate with you. When you “follow” the blog, by clicking the “follow” tab at the bottom right of the screen while you are on the page, all new posts will arrive in your inbox the moment they are published.

See you at your first CELLO GROUP Lesson, Thursday, September 19th.

Below is Oceanne, demonstrating F#, Grammacello’s favourite note!



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