Advent Calendar reminder, and HUGE guilt trip!

Hello from my sickbed!

The above is meant to guilt you into reading this! I will be back in the saddle next week.

Every student, including Jean’s students from group, was sent a Christmas gift from me, the other day. It is an advent calendar that is computer based and is from Jacquie Lawson in England, a maker of amazing e-cards and more.

It handily sends me a list of people who have or HAVE NOT! activated this gift.

Sadly, there are only THREE cello people out of about 28 that I sent it to, who have downloaded it, so far. It is a seasonal thing, with a unique and different Christmas scene or activity to watch and/or do each day from December 1 until Christmas. It has nice Christmas music! There are all sorts of little “crafts” and other neat things.

So, either

1) you have not bothered to click on it to activate it


2) it went into spam and you did not see it.

If the latter, please check your spam and see if it is languishing there. The words Jacquie Lawson should be somewhere in it as searchable terms.

If you have not clicked on it, and activated it, which is easy, please do! It is a lovely thing, adults really enjoy it as well as kids, and it was not free…….the kids who are pre-teen will love it, teen girls will too,  and the Moms all will, unless they have hearts of stone….

And I KNOW WHO YOU ARE hahahahaha 

It seems sad to me that an email seasonal treat is too much effort for most of us to even open. Even my unsentimental husband looks at his each day- and I do not always have to remind him!

I can guarantee that this is not a computer virus or some bad thing.

Daniella, Amber and Matthew, I am glad you are enjoying yours!


9 thoughts on “Advent Calendar reminder, and HUGE guilt trip!

  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the lovely advent Calendar Gift!!! The music and scenery are beautiful and the entire family looks forward to the surprise each day! Daniella and her sisters love playing the games. It was so thoughtful and very appreciated!

    Thanks again Jo-Anne!!!

    Sasha Woodbridge

    • I am so glad you and the kids like it!
      Danielle was telling Ally (who I forgot to send it to- now corrected!) about it last night at group, which prompted me to check the “activated” list and led me to writing this post! So, Daniella, thank YOU!

  2. HI Jo-Anne, first, thank you for your kindness in sending such a gift to all of the students! Sorry to report, however, we didn’t actually receive the email. I received your wordpress emails, including the two notices of the advent calendar, but haven’t received the actual Jacquie Lawson email (and have checked my junkmail folders). Perhaps my email address did not get added correctly? Don’t want you to think we didn’t appreciate the gesture!

    On a technical note, last week, we received the Jacquie Lawson advent calendar from another Gramma – Luke’s Grandparents – and we were not able to view it as it requires that you download Adobe Air software – and it won’t download on our computer operating system. The advent calendar isn’t just a click to a website. We were told that in order to download Adobe Air, we need to upgrade to the new Mac operating system. We plan to do this, but is a bigger step as it requires backing up all of our photos and files before redoing the operating system (hopefully this weekend). I thought I would share this here, as this may be a technical obstacle for some of the others too!

    Thanks again for spreading Christmas Joy, and hope that you are feeling better soon so that you can enjoy the season.


    • Thanks so much Kristi!
      I see it did not go out to you as I was working from a list of current group participants. I am glad you have it from a real Gramma!
      As for the issue of downloading, this is the first time I have heard of anyone encountering such a roadblock in three years of sending it. Perhaps this will be a useful information for some folks, however. have a great Christmas!

  3. Sorry Jo-Anne.

    Thank you for sending the gift.

    Unfortunately, Jacquie Lawson cards, etc. don’t open on Apple products because Apple doesn’t support Adobe. I run into this problem regularly with a friend of the family. Because our windows computer is ancient, it takes forever to open, and therefore we rarely turn it on. I only use it for taxes, John doesn’t use it at all and Heather has used it twice this school year for assignments. I will make a point of turning it on this weekend, and we’ll take a look. I do appreciate the gift, and understand you must be disappointed that people are viewing it.

    I do hope you are feeling better.

    Take care, Pam

    • Thanks Pam, I do know that you use mostly iPad.
      Most people seem to have access to both.
      There is an updated one from last year that IS iPad compatible.
      Do you want me to see if I can switch it to that one?

      • If it’s not too much trouble, that would be much appreciated. If it is at all inconvenient, I can definitely open our computer this weekend. Thanks, Pam

  4. Hi Jo-Anne,

    Xander was very excited to see the Advent Calendar in our email and we opened it immediately – but didn’t quite understand how to activate it – until today! So fyi to others – you need to copy and paste (case sensitive) the code from the email in order to open the calendar. And yes, it does not work on the ipad – message to Apple to enable flash on future ipads! So if you’re sending out another email to your apple kids then please send us one for our ipad. It is lovely and thank you for your sharing the Christmas spirit, Jo-Anne! Merry Christmas to all!!!

    xo The Hassans

    • Hi Marcia
      I am so glad he likes it. Make sure you click on everything- there are activities within things- like the clickable “enter cottage” on the toolbar. It is such fun and nice music!
      I will send another one for the iPad types but it will be a scene of modern London instead of an Alpine village. Lots of the same type of stuff though

      So the message TO EVERYONE seems to be-
      The activation code is case and spacing sensitive!
      It is better to paste it in than it is to copy it.

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