Germs! Advent Calendars! Concerts!

Hello all,

If you are like me, you are not yet ready for Christmas, and possibly you are sick, as I now am.

This post is to remind you about studio policy regarding sick kids and lesson attendance.

While I do understand the impulse to attend your child’s cello lesson regardless of the health of your child, please stop and think before you bring your sick child (or self!) into my studio. A couple of students had heavy respiratory…. issues…last week and now I am quite sick myself with a cold and strep throat. I reiterate again my policies regarding illness:

1) If your child is too ill to attend school, he/she is too ill to come to cello. [Unfortunately, lessons missed by the student, due to transitory illness, will not be made up, as per OSA school-wide policy.] A student with a heavy cold will not have a productive lesson in any case, and so the time is largely wasted and several people are at risk of illness, including families coming after you. Think of how intimate cello teaching is: I must touch the cello, and the bow repeatedly, especially if the child is young. The studio is small and several people are in close proximity for a considerable time period.

2) If you are relatively new to my studio you may not be aware that I developed a serious blood disorder a couple of years ago, necessitating the removal of my spleen. This means my immune system is somewhat compromised permanently now, and strep infection is particularly dangerous for me, such that I always have a filled antibiotic prescription at hand, just in case. In addition when I get sick, it takes me longer to recover than it used to.

3) It inconveniences the whole studio if I am sick. I cannot, even if I feel more or less able to teach while ill, justify passing the infection on to all my students. Thus, many lessons may ultimately need to be cancelled. 

PLEASE PLEASE keep illness at home! (Especially colds and other respiratory illnesses, particularly in the early, contagious stages and anything intestinal at any stage at all!)

It will not have any long or short term effect on your cellist’s progress to miss a lesson or two. Please take the long view and be more careful around this issue!

ON a happier note:

Check your email for a Christmas present for your family from me, sent this afternoon!

It is a computerized Advent Calendar and is quite wonderful. If you are in RED group, listen particularly to the December 2nd background music!

Where have you heard this piece before??

I HAD to send this to everyone in RED group when I heard that, and decided everyone at cello group needed their own copy.

Enjoy it, and an early Merry Christmas from me to you!

Our annual all instrument Christmas Concert is on Sunday afternoon, December 16th. The Yellow and Blue Groups are participating in the 3:30 PM concert and the

Red Group at the 1 PM Concert.

All cello-specific details will be posted HERE and also mentioned at Thursday Group classes.

You do not need to consult rehearsal details on the OSA site! The detailed information on the OSA website is for the violin and viola students only. 


I will speak to this further at group.

Please obtain your information here or in my studio. The rehearsals for this are the regular  Thursday group classes, plus a RED GROUP  all-instrument run-through of Still Still Still at 12 Noon at the concert venue. I will post all details here later this week.

IF I AM SICK TOO SICK TO TEACH THIS COMING WEEK I will call and/or email each family personally. Otherwise, come to your usual and/or rearranged lesson.







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