Hello all group cellists:

In preparation for the Workshop on Saturday we are rearranging the groups somewhat  this Thursday-  YES there IS group TOMORROW THURSDAY NOV 8TH – check the schedule right here on the toolbar. (If you are reading this on email, click the title of the blog here in this email and it will take you to the blog proper, should you wish to look at the whole year’s schedule.)

YELLOW GROUP IS NOT AFFECTED- you have your group at the usual time.

ALL OF BLUE GROUP NEEDS TO COME AT 5:30 instead of 6:30!!

If you are Natalie, I will tell you what is happening when you arrive.

If you are in BLUE GROUP, please respond with a quick emailed OK so I know that you know.


Else, Clara, Heather, Jonathan and Andy: PLEASE COME AT 6:30 to work on  Vivaldi  Double.

Lucky you, you will stay through till the usual end time (hopefully we can finish early but no promises).

A special reward will be given to you, by me personally to thank you for doing this. Appear at 6:30 with AAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL your music to claim it! 

THE REST OF RED GROUP: Dakota, Lukas, Willy, Matthew and Ariana, your group is as usual. Please come at the usual time.

LUKAS!!! Your music is at my studio not at your house!

I need a confirmation email from every member of BLUE GROUP plus ELSE, CLARA, HEATHER, JONATHAN, and ANDY so I do not have to worry and phone you tomorrow!



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