Hallowe’en Concert Information

Further details may be posted tomorrow after I meet with Michelle, as this is a flute/cello event. Watch this space!


There are NO GROUPS at QEPCCC. This concert/party is instead of regular group classes. Read your yearly schedule.

WEAR A COSTUME; You should arrive at 5:PM for tuning and we will be ending at around 7:30 or so. Siblings and friends are welcome, and should also come in costume. SEE BELOW

Here is the order, minus flute pieces:We will play the senior pieces that are being used at the November Workshop. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT THIS! The workshop pieces need not be in a folder.


Vivaldi Double Book 6

Danse Rustique Book 5

Marcello Sonata, 2nd movement only  Book 4

Humoresque, Book 3

Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring

Hallowe’en Pieces: Please put these in your Hallowe’en folder

Double Trouble, Hedwig’s Theme, Nimbus 2000,: Some of these: Nimbus is the only “for sure” one. If you have them, put them in for now. If you need space, put them all in the same slot in your folder.

Mountain King                                                                                          


The Ghost of Tom                                                                                           

Moon Over the Ruined Castle                                                                                 

Aunt Rhody Goes To Arabia                                                                                                 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat                                                                                                    

Who’s That? (Halloween)                                                                                       

Grammacello’s Haunted House

The Concert is NEXT WEEK, from 5:00 PM (tuning), until approximately 8PM. These times include tuneup and cleanup. As in other years, we need parents to volunteer to help set up tables and clean up the food area after. Everyone should bring a dish that can be shared during the potluck dinner. Pizza is fine- the kids eat it. This is dinner for everyone, so plan accordingly. We need drinks and disposable plates and cutlery. If you want to bring these items, contact me at grammacello@gmail.com and let me know, so I know they are covered. Since there will be candy given out at this event,  I encourage people to bring non sweet dinner items for the potluck and ones that are fairly neat to eat and do not really require utensils. Please either use a disposable container or remember to take any leftovers home. We still have things from other years! Also, email if you can help- WE NEED LOTS OF IT! The flutes will bring the candy for trick or treating after the meal. If you wish to be one of the people handing out candy during the “Trick-or -Treat” stage, please also email me.

The evening consists of 3 parts:

Concert: 5:30 till 6:30 (approx)

Potluck Dinner: 6:30 till 7:00

Trick-or-Treating: 7:00 till 7:40.

All kids at this event should dress in costume and can participate in the trick-or treat part. Bring your own instrument, if you play one, and you can play a tune, or if you do not play, sing a song, or tell a joke, to get a treat!


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