Spring Cello Concert: Everything to know…

Hi All Yellow Blue and Red CELLISTS!


  • DRESS_(Informal, but specific.)Please wear your coloured T-shirt from Michael’s, in your group colour. This is NOT your camp shirt. These plain Yellow/Blue/Red T-shirts (short sleeves) – bright yellow, royal blue, like the cover of your music book, and red,-are all cotton, and available for less than $5 at Michael’s.

Shirts should be plain, as in, have no writing on them.

Please wear dark- navy blue or black -pants and dark shoes and socks. If you tie your hair back, do it in the same colour. Skirts are often a problem. If you have one that is definitely long and WIDE enough for playing cello, OK. But, every year one or two girls don’t think it through and wear tiny short skirts. You must have your legs free to hold the cello.Otherwise pants are safer and more comfortable.

  • STRAPS:(and chairs/STOOLS): Cello straps are ESSENTIAL! Not donuts- sorry, Clara! or black holes. The floor is REALLY SLIPPERY and your strap will work with the special cello chairs that the city, amazingly, has bought us! Do NOT FORGET YOUR STRAP -Hi, Jacob!- or small cello stool.
  • STANDS: The city has many, many black stands available. We will use these, Do not bring folding stands. Everyone will use a solid, black stand. DO bring yours only if it is one of the short ones that goes down low. Otherwise, we will use the ones there.
  • FOLDERS: Bring your music folder with all the music in the right order. Also Book 1. Any Suzuki pieces beyond Book 1 are to be copied and inserted in the coloured folder, so that there are MAXIMUM, two pieces of music on the stand.
  • CELLO and, need I say, BOW.

Let us see whether we can actually pull this off. It is stressful for the student and the teacher when things are forgotten. This is a concert, to which I hope you will bring many guests- grandparents, friends- everyone is welcome. We have worked hard to prepare. Leave enough time to arrive in a calm frame of mind and REMEMBER YOUR EQUIPMENT! CHECK AND DOUBLE CHECK.

No one needs to be scrambling around at the last minute having forgotten something vital.

  • FOOD at the CONCERT:This year, the QEPark facility requires us to use CJ’s Cafe to cater the refreshments at the end. We are not permitted to bring potluck items. Therefore,we will be asking for a suggested donation of $5 per family member attending to cover the cost of this which is considerable. If any money is left over it will go into the pot for next time. As this is not the usual free-for-all, at which the kids tend to go crazy and take 7 or 8 items at a time and then end up throwing them out at the end, we suggest you monitor your child and see that he/she takes a reasonable number of treats, as they are numbered and we will otherwise run out. I say this each year but it seems to not sink in. This year it really matters. The treats sound good and of course, you will save time and money by not having to bring anything.


  • LAST GROUP CLASS OF THE YEAR. ALL CELLISTS SHOULD BE THERE BY 5:10 PM or as soon as possible thereafter. It begins at 5:30 SHARP whether you are there or not, so please allow lead time for unpacking and tuning. BRING YOUR STAND TO THIS REHEARSAL.We will start with the least advanced pieces and work up through the Book 5 Repertoire and the ensemble pieces.You play until you have played all the pieces you know on the program and then leave. Reds should plan on a LONG evening. If some Red parents could get together and bring some snacks and, especially, drinks, we’ll have a break and a snack midway. A Blue and or Yellow person or two could bring Tim Bits or something similar for the Yellow and Blues as they finish and leave.

Email me if you plan to help out this way. It would be much appreciated.

SUNDAY, MAY 6th, at the QE PARK Cultural Centre. SPRING CELLO CONCERT AT 3:30PM

  • DIRECTIONS: Going SOUTH on Third Line, turn right (west) onto Bridge Road. You will pass 3 stopsigns: Seaton, Stanley and Seymour. The next left after the stopsign at Seymour is Donovan Bailey Drive, which is just beside the Bronte tennis Club.This LEFT  turn takes you into the parking lot of the centre, Go to the far left as you face the building and enter by the leftmost door.We are straight ahead, passing a couple of corridors and then left into the Rehearsal Hall, which is where the concert takes place. Someone will direct your cellist to the tuning room. Please leave your stand and stool on the stage as you pass by. Your case and other things will remain in this “Break-out Room” during the concert. Do not unpack in the concert hall!  No exceptions. Cellists proceed to the room behind the stage reserved for us.
  • ARRIVE BY 2:45 PM at the latest. Genevieve and I will be there from 2PM on. Early arrival is fine. Late arrival is not! We need AT LEAST this amount of time to wrangle 30 plus cellists into playing position.
  • THE CONCERT STARTS AT 3:30 SHARP. Blues and Yellows will have their cellos tuned and on the stage with chairs and stands if necessary, and will then sit with their parents until they are called forward.

This is the “Traditional Suzuki Way”: more and more students join in until all are playing. There will be one or two short breaks to bring less advanced students forward.

Please plan to stay afterward for refreshments and conversation.

WHEW!! I hope this covers everything.

If anything is unclear, after you have read this at least twice, LOL, email me and I will answer any further questions.

See you Thursday!


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