Fantastic CELLO links- watch these with your cello student of any age.

The Unaccompanied Bach Suites are the most iconic pieces in the cello literature.

You can be horrified or amazed by this but I guarantee the kids will like it.

The “Cello Song” arranged for 8 cellos. I have bought the music and we will play this in Red Group!

Star Wars CELLOS! Enough said. Wait until the VERY END- listen  after the music ends (and the screen says TO BE CONTINUED) to what the guy says until he is done speaking -it is great!

And, a repost from another year- ALWAYS ROOM FOR CELLO!

aka “Rockin’ it like YoYo!”

After the kids see this they will all want to move to Atlanta and take lessons from “Sonatibus”

Enjoy yourselves!

And, I need a parent volunteer to co-ordinate food for the May Cello Concert.

This has to be done differently at our new venue.

It will be catered by C.J.’s Cafe and this involves a meeting at QE Park and menu selection.

Anyone interested, please email me.

More concert information to follow in the next post.

If you do not have the repertoire list yet- it was handed out at the last two Group Classes, it is available at group, or email me or watch this space.


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