CELLO IN MARCH: Group Classes, Private Lessons, GALA CONCERT


I will cross my fingers that this posts properly, instead of the crazy way it did last time!

There WILL be private lessons, my health permitting, this coming week, Monday March 5th through Friday March 9th, for ALL JO-ANNE’S private STUDENTS. We will be winding up Scale Month.  Bring your completed chart(s) of 100 (or more) scales to redeem for prizes!        NO CHART and/or NO STICKERS= no prize.

There will be TWO (2) weeks off from private lessons after that; Monday March 12th through Friday March 16th, and Monday, March 19th through Friday, March 23rd.

PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY: If I happen to be STILL be sick next week March 5-9, I will make these lessons up the second March Break week, listed here, March 19-23. THIS WILL ONLY HAPPEN IF ANOTHER POST APPEARS HERE TO THIS EFFECT AND THIS IS A LONG SHOT. DO NOT ASSUME THIS OR ASK ME TO SHUFFLE LESSONS IF YOU ARE SICK OR OUT OF TOWN. I will teach as above, as it says in purple letters unless you specifically are told otherwise. Thanks.


NO YELLOW OR BLUE GROUPS FOR THE NEXT 3 WEEKS- Thursdays March 8th, 15th, and 22nd.

YELLOW and BLUE meet next on Thursday March 29th.

April and May group and concert information will be in a subsequent post.



EXTRA GROUP   There WILL be RED GROUP on Thursday March 8th.at our usual church. 

IF necessary we may need another one. If so, this will be the same timing as the one on March 8th and will take place on March 22nd, Thursday. We will know better after the 8th.

If you played in the Corelli Christmas Concerto at Christmas, you need to arrive by 6:45 PM MARCH 8TH. This means Jonathan, Andy, Clara, Else, Kristen and possibly Kayla (Lori please email me about this.)

ALL OTHER RED GROUP MEMBERS need to be there ready to play by 7:30.

Repertoire, which must be in the red folder:

Corelli Christmas Concert (if applicable)

Telemann Concerto

Hedwig’s Theme and Nimbus 2000 in 3 parts (from Hallowe’en)

Livi’s Blues and Budapesto from Solos for Young Cellists

Humoresque and Allegro Moderato from Book 3, part 1 only- that is, the BOOK 3 piece.

Bach Air, just in case.

DO NOT bring multiple music books- all music should be photocopied and in the red folder.

See you this coming week for private lessons and RED GROUP ONLY for

GROUP CLASS this coming Thursday at Evangel Church.


4 thoughts on “CELLO IN MARCH: Group Classes, Private Lessons, GALA CONCERT

  1. Hi Jo-Anne and Genevieve,

    The Chamber Music Festival Blue Group’s Performance was wonderful – they all sounded beautiful and really together!!! It was great to see so many cellos participating in various ensembles this weekend!

    A couple of questions for you before we meet up again at the end of March.

    1) What will the blue group be focusing on for the May concert? Xander has a lot of free time (staycation for March break) so he wants to know which book 1/book 2 pieces he should be working on before next class on March 29. Will we be doing other non-Suzuki stuff ie. Harry Potter/Star Wars – if you need assistance scanning/emailing music out to the other blue members, let me know

    2)My three other kids will all be performing at the QEP opening – could Xander/any blue group members participate? Or, If you have enough cellos on hand in red group for this event, I’ll ask Jean if Xander can help out in some other way…it’ll keep him out of mischief

    Thanks so much – have a great day and a restful vacation ! 🙂

    Marcia – Xander’s Mom

    • Hello Marcia.
      Thank you for your comment which I have posted.
      The March 24th Gala is being planned by myself, and Michelle, and some aspects are being handled by other teachers such as Jean, who will lead one group class in violin. In addition to the Gala concert, we have a room all day in which various activities will occur: Music games for visiting children of members of the public, some violin and flute groups who meet normally on that day,Saturday, will have demo groups and there will be “try an instrument” sessions in which visiting kids can get their hands on a cello and decide whether playing cello is for them. We are including as many of our students as is practical but many families and students will not be involved at all. This is a unique, one off event, and is primarily for showcasing what we do to the general public, not an enrichment activity for the students of our school. It is bad luck (really, good luck!) that three of your four happen to be involved but time and space restraints make the inclusion of every single student-we have hundreds!- impractical. Cello groups were not put on the program as they meet on a different day. The violin groups involved will essentially be having their regular Saturday class in a different place, and as I understand it, Wed group kids could opt to sign up as well. To “wrangle” the 15 kids from Blue group as well as the 9 from Yellow in a small room in which other events will be simultaneously occurring seems too complicated logistically, especially as they do not have group on that day normally.
      Cellos use a LOT of space and we cannot use only selected members of these groups as I am sure you will see that would be unfair. Please try to be understanding and enjoy the day on the 24th. There will be activities for families all over the building and it is a great opportunity to get better acquainted with arts in general in Oakville.
      Feel free to email me if you have further questions about this.
      Grammacello, group class director for cello at OSA

  2. Just wanted to follow on Marcia’s comments… yes what a great blue group performance at the Chamber Music Festival! It was also nice to see the yellow group coming along so nicely 😉

    I know there is a lot in March with the Chamber Music Festival and the QEPark opening, but we do look forward to a return to classes at the end of March. I love the suggestion of some new pieces to engage this group (i.e. Star Wars etc.). Luke is also looking forward to an opportunity to play some Suzuki pieces (especially some of the more challenging ones) as quite a few of this group are now into book 2 and a couple are even beyond. The great part of group is being able to play the pieces they are trying to learn in a group setting – which takes the learning to another level. I know this really helped him get through book one. I realize there are some logistical challenges with balancing the levels in such a large group. We look forward to hearing your thoughts when you have plans together for the remainder of the year’s lessons.

    Have a wonderful vacation, and we’ll see you on our return.

    Kristi – Luke’s mom

  3. Thanks Jo-Anne and Genevieve for all your hard work with the Cello Groups for the Chamber Music Festival. They sounded great! Hope you have a wonderful March Break and we’ll see you in a few weeks!

    Beata – Matthew’s mom

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