Hello, all cellists and parents,

I am back from my intensive Gramma week in Seattle and, predictably, am now quite sick.

GROUP IS ON tonight, however.  I will try to be there, but if not, Genevieve will be there and will handle it.

THERE ARE NO PRIVATE LESSONS TOMORROW, FRIDAY, March 2nd, as I need to continue to recover for Sunday. Lessons will be made up at the end of the year, in June. I will make up all lessons cancelled by me, as outlined in the send-out from August.

If you have a Friday lesson, please confirm by email that you have seen this notice.

CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL , SUNDAY, March 4th, (this weekend)

DETAILS FOR SUNDAY are posted on the OSA site: Click on the taskbar at the top of this page, or go to and click on Chamber Music Festival for details.

NOTE THAT WE ARE AT THE NEW PLACE, wonderfully convenient for me, on Bridge Street about one minute west of my place. Details on OSA website:

In brief, 1) Blue Group, 2) Blue Girls Trio: (Amber Lee, Kaitlyn Wallace and Emma Thom), and 3)The NHL Turk E’s (Hannah, Lauren, Erica and Natalie from YELLOW Group need to arrive at QE Park (NOTE NEW VENUE)  at 2 PM, playing at 2:35. Please leave enough time to find your way around this large, new venue. The NHL Turk E’s should wear a YELLOW PLAIN T-shirt, available at Michael’s for less than $5. Any dark pants and shoes are fine. THE CORRECT SHIRT IS IMPORTANT- they are bright yellow and have no logo.

Blue Group members need a Royal Blue Shirt, same type. Jillian Thom has kindly purchased 3 or 4 and will have them at group tonight. Also dark bottoms (preferably pants) and shoes. Check that your music is in your BLUE FOLDER and bring this!!! STOOL, STAND, BLUE FOLDER, and MUSIC IN THE FOLDER!

BLUE GROUP is playing Variations on an Air of GLUCK by Mozart. BRING MUSIC IN YOUR BLUE FOLDER!

BLUE GIRLS TRIO  is playing 1)Amazing Grace and 2)Francks Folk Song (the Danish piece) BRING MUSIC IN YOUR BLUE FOLDER!

NHL Turk E’s are playing by memory.

ALL CELLISTS MUST BRING THEIR STANDS! There are NONE at the venue! And STOOLS, if you use them – again, there is NOTHING at the venue besides full sized chairs.

RED GROUP should arrive by 3:30 playing at 4:10. YOU NEED A PLAIN, COLLARLESS RED T SHIRT FROM MICHAELS.  This is easy to get and made a great impression, other years. EVERYONE needs to do this!

Bring MUSIC STOOLS (if necessary), and STANDS. Check that your music is in your RED FOLDER and bring this. We are playing the Telemann Concerto and Bach Air this Sunday, March 4th.

ABOUT CELLO CHAIRS: IF YOU USE A FULL SIZED CHAIR:-The town has very kindly ordered special cello friendly chairs for us, as we will be having Group Class at QE Park, starting next fall. However, they are not there as yet, so if you use a full sized chair and can put a simple folding, armless chair or two, if you happen to have some, in your car- I will try to scare a couple up as well- they will be a lot better than the backwards sloping chairs, with arms that are there at this time.

IF this sounds repetitive, it is! BLUE GROUP ESPECIALLY, is famous for not bringing music, chairs and stands to group !(Those of you who faithfully DO, THANK YOU! We know who you are!)

Sunday is a performance! Proper T shirt colour, chair, stand, folder, music, strap, cello and bow. Let us try for 100% compliance.

NOTE for Jo-Anne’s students ABOUT SCALE MONTH:

Next week (the last lesson before our two week March Break)is the last week of Scale Month. There will be prizes next week, in the studio, for all cellists who have completed 100 scales this month. If you have completed multiple groups of 100, (that is, 200, or 300 or 400…..) you will get 2 or 3 or 4 prizes! No prizes for partial numbers such as 267. As announced before, you MUST put check marks, or, preferably, stickers on the chart for all scales played. Prizes will not be awarded for  “I played x number of scales but I forgot to put the stickers on.” Sorry, thems the rules. 


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