REPERTOIRE:to put in RED folders by Thursday, tomorrow


The Queen Elizabeth Park Arts and Recreational Center (on Bridge Street) opens officially with all day celebrations, a ribbon cutting, demonstrations and concerts, with the mayor and many local Oakville politicians present, on Saturday, March 24th, 2012. The Oakville Suzuki Association is TREMENDOUSLY honoured to have been chosen to present a one hour concert at 1 PM that afternoon, open to the general public and following the official opening ceremonies.

This facility has been 8 years in the planning stages and OSA has been involved since the very start. It gives us a home, as it were, for private teaching, groups and concerts, using dedicated space, rather than church or school classrooms shared with other activities.

ALL families (not just Red Group) should put this on the calendar and come out that day, to look around, see interesting demonstrations from many arts groups in the morning and hear our senior students perform from 1 till 2 PM. This is a VERY big deal!!!!

As a non profit organisation, we are able to rent these brand new facilities at very reasonable rates.

We have planned a senior student only performance. There will be about 13 flutes, an equal number of cellists, 3 pianists and probably 20 or so violinists.This concert is one hour long and will include some repertoire with all four instruments together (Corelli Christmas Concerto), Humoresque for violin and cello together, Hedwig’s Theme and Nimbus 2000 with Cello and Flute, and several instrument specific pieces.

SO, RED GROUP needs to put the following into the red folder, (and remove everything else in there!)

This list also includes the pieces we will be performing as a group at the Chamber Music Festival on Sunday, March 4th in the afternoon, specific times to be announced.


Corelli christmas concerto, if you play it

Telemann Concerto for 4 cellos- everyone

Allegro Moderato: (needs to be copied and put in the folder)- * not yet sure we will be ready for this…..we may need to use a reduced number of part 2 and 3 players and add piano for safety. The full ensemble will get another chance to play this Spring in our Spring Cello Concert in May, and also next Fall at the Ontario Suzuki Association Conference which will be held in Oakville in November. Busy busy times!!

Humoresque:  (needs to be copied and put in the folder)

Livi’s Blues (from Solos for Young Cellists: needs to be copied and put in the folder)

Budapesto (from Solos for Young Cellists: needs to be copied and put in the folder)

Hedwig’s Theme (from Hallowe’en)

Nimbus 2000 (in 3 parts, from Hallowe’en)

ALSO in the Red folder: Bach Air, which we hope to perform at the Chamber Festival.


These pieces are not casual extras, to be played only at group and neglected in home practise for pieces in the Cello books.

You ALL need to be working on these regularly and intensively at home.

They supply musical experiences and techniques that supplement the Books. The Suzuki Books are not the Bible. You cannot become a good cellist without other musical experiences besides the books!

I have had comments that group is “boring” sometimes because we spend a lot of time working on one part or another. Guess what? If you practise these pieces at home, you will know them when you come to group and we can concentrate on the fun part- putting the pieces together musically and playing through them! If you cannot play the notes, we HAVE to use group time to learn them!! Please let your RED group cellist read this!

Too many students have said, this very week, in answer to “Have you been working on this at home?”


” Not really…”

“Maybe once or twice…..”

“I was too busy…”

Think about this! You  MUST MUST MUST work on your group music at home, using the metronome if you were asked to!

These concert pieces need to be and CAN be, note perfect!

More lectures will be delivered at group class! 🙂

How exciting! I personally cannot wait!!!  😉



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