Have a Happy Holiday, and Thank You!

Hello all my dear private and group cellists!

Look up at the header at the top of this post and you will see Michelle (our flute teacher) Coon’s wonderful Christmas present to me!  Speaking of presents, I want to thank everyone for all the delightful treats, gifts, gift cards and Christmas cards I received this season. I love getting your gifts and really appreciate the thoughts behind them. This year, I am a bit embarrassed, as so many kids ran up with cards and presents at group class and at the concert that some of the cards were separated from their gifts and because of the hectic setting, I lost track of who gave what, in some cases. So a BIG thank you to everyone- most of the treats are eaten and I look forward to cashing in on some coffee, treats and gifts in the new year. Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated. 

I will see everyone the week of Monday, January 9th for your next private lesson. Our first group class is Thursday January 12th. Red Group and some of Blue Group will be split into ensembles for this term some weeks, starting on the 12th. Each small ensemble will have half their time with either Genevieve or myself and the other half either on their own, or with a musically qualified parent supervising, depending on the maturity of the participants, and also the difficulty of the music. Groups may be differently configured this time- please understand that we have put a lot of thought into this and just go with the flow. It is a good thing for the students to sometimes be among the more advanced in a group, and equally useful to be the less advanced. Much will be learned either way. Remember, this is not a contest. My belief is that the non competitive nature of Suzuki is perhaps the most central and important part of this method. We need a refuge, in our musical life together, from the cut throat competitiveness that is all too much a part of our culture.

If you will not, for whatever reason, be participating in Group Class this term (January 9th through March 9th), please let me know asap so I can organize the small ensembles accordingly. If you wish to join or rejoin group you also are welcome to participate. The musical culmination of these two months will be 

1) OSA’s non competitive Chamber Music Festival the second week-end in March and

2) Performances at the opening of the Queen Elizabeth Park Cultural Centre in early April. 

More information will follow.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year celebration and I will see you in January.

Thanks again, from Grammacello/Jo-Anne



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