Christmas Concert Information

The OSA Annual Christmas Concert for all instruments takes place this year on Sunday December 18th at 1 PM for cellos Book 3 and up, that is , Red Group, and at 3:30 PM for Book 1 and 2 cellists, in other words Yellow and Blue groups

Tickets to this annual event are required by anyone over the age of 12.  Registered OSA member performers and teachers will be admitted free.

Concert tickets will be on sale at Cello group classes from November 23-December 15;
Advance ticket price = $10 each
Tickets purchased at the door = $12 each

Yellow and Blue groups can purchase tickets from Sherry Fox on Thursday or Barb Gowing and Graciela Seawright  in the Red group (please have exact cash amount or with cheques payable to the ‘Oakville Suzuki Association’.

For more information about the concert, including the list of repertoire, please go to the OSA website, by clicking the link on the toolbar above.


One thought on “Christmas Concert Information

  1. Grammacello,
    You wanted Book 1- Blue group at Thursday’s group lesson at 5:30- what time will they go till?
    Just trying to coordinate for guitar and flute groups.
    thanks, jillian

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