Quartets, quintets, sextets, and groups, OH MY!

We will begin ensembles next Thursday, November 10th. Everyone assigned to a “quartet” will come at their regular group time (this supercedes anything written in the August mailing. In other words, IGNORE what was said then), and come at your usual time. Your quartet may have been turned into a slightly larger ensemble, with 5 (quintet) or 6 (sextet) members. We will be running one ensemble at 6:30 and three at 7:30. If you are not in an ensemble, you should come to your regular group. Genevieve and Jo-Anne will be taking groups and ensembles in turn. Please bring last years’ Festive Strings music books and your folders. New coloured folders for those in need of a new colour are on order. We will see everyone, whether you are in Yellow Group, Blue Group, or an ensemble, at the church on Thursday, November 10th.

Lovely cello teachers!

Lovely cello teachers!

RED group concentrates

RED group concentrates

Spooky cellists 2011


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