It’s November, and there are lessons this week!

What a great Hallowe’en party that was! I loved playing with the flutes.The food was great and the kids got too much candy. A perfect evening!

I certainly enjoyed it and the kids sure seemed to as well. If anyone has pictures from Thursday’s Hallowe’en festivities, please send them by email as an attachment to and I will post them here.

As for this week’s schedule, I have had some people asking whether there are private  lessons this week with me-it seems it reads unclearly.

The reference in the Private Lesson Schedule to *no lessons this week* was for Monday folks only, since Monday was of course Hallowe’en night and my teaching Monday is mostly late afternoon and evening. The MONDAY people have four holiday Monday weeks off built into their schedules. These are is made up throughout the year with 55 minute lessons. There ARE REGULAR PRIVATE LESSONS FOR ALL OTHERS from TUESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY November 1st through the 4th.

As for Group Class this week, there is NOT a group on November 3rd as we routinely take off the week after any concert. If you go to the schedules tab on the Menu across the top of each blog page and click on SCHEDULES, there will be two separate lists: one for Group and another for private lessons. You need to refer to both of these. Clearly I need to consolidate these and make things clearer. Sorry for any confusion and see you at your private lesson, this week: November 1st through 4th! But not at group. Jean and Genevieve’s private students should check with their respective teacher.

Watch for a separate post with the schedule of ensembles coming soon for trios, quartets, and quintets.These begin for those involved on Thursday, November 10th.

They have been considerable tweaked since the first schedule went out so be sure to read the coming post carefully.

Finally, congratulations are due to Clara, (and her Dad, our accompanist), Kayla, Else and Kristen (and Genevieve who drove from Waterloo for the occasion). This quartet saved the day for the OSA and played in the lobby as pre-concert entertainment at the first concert this season of The Oakville Ensemble, directed by Stéphane Potvin, with less than one week’s notice. Quite a long story is behind this. The OSA has contracted to play at these events and at the last moment the violins were unable. Our cellists stepped in with wonderfully professional results. Thank you girls, you were amazing. I will post a short video of this performance along with any Hallowe’en concert video I receive. Still pictures are also welcome.



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