Hallowe’en Concert Thursday October 27th

Our Annual Cello and Flute Hallowe’en Concert/Potluck Dinner/Trick-or-Treat evening is coming up this month!

It will be held, as other years, at Evangel Pentecostal Church, our usual Group church, on Thursday evening, October 27th, starting at 5:30 PM. Please plan to arrive by 5 PM for tuning and setup. This year, the flutes will be taking care of drinks and candy for trick-or-treating, and the cellists will provide the food. As Hallowe’en is “sugar overdose” time, we ask that you bring a dinner entrée rather than a dessert. The cellists and flute participants will be “trick-or-treating”  after dinner and will get plenty of sugar that evening! The concert is about one hour in length, followed by a potluck supper in the lobby. Please try to bring kid friendly food that can be easily eaten while sitting on the floor or standing- we will have paper plates and plastic utensils. Everyone eats: parents, audience members and siblings. After supper the kids will move from station to station (manned by teachers and parents) in the sanctuary, “trick-or-treating”: (translation: playing a short piece, or singing a song, or telling a joke (if they have no instrument) in exchange for candy) Siblings and child guests (in costume!) are welcome to participate along with the performers.

Please plan to bring a good sized first course item for the potluck supper-there will be lots of people present- at least 40 performers along with parents and siblings and other audience members, of course. Extra food can be taken home. We also need people to set up beforehand and to clean up afterwards. If you are willing to be one of these greatly appreciated helpers, please LEAVE A COMMENT UNDER THIS POST and also indicate if you are willing to act as co-ordinator of either set-up or clean-up. We will need these two people to co-ordinate the bringing of some supplies,(such as plates, serving utensils and napkins etc for supper; also recycling blue boxes, garbage bags and a vacuum cleaner for clean-up) by their group of volunteers.(Set-up and clean-up count as volunteer jobs for the OSA requirement.) I will keep an eye on comments while I am in Seattle and let you know by email whether you will be a helper or co-ordinator either before or after dinner.

KIDS SHOULD COME IN COSTUME!  Be sure your child’s outfit allows for cello playing, however. Concert Repertoire will be in the following order:

The Wicked Witch

Livi’s Blues


Hedwig’s Theme

Double Trouble

Nimbus 2000

The Ghost of Tom

Moon Over The Ruined Castle

Aunt Rhody Goes to Arabia

Who’s That (Hallowe’en)

Hickory Dickory Dock (no music needed)

Pop Goes the Weasel (no music needed)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat

Grammacello’s Haunted House

Note: Flute repertoire will be interspersed with the cello pieces. Please put your folder

into this order if you are in RED GROUP before next group, Thursday, October 20th.

The scary monster playing cello in the picture is Jonathan. I think the accidental red-eye adds a really nice touch!


4 thoughts on “Hallowe’en Concert Thursday October 27th

  1. Hi,
    I am able to help out with set-up or anything during the concert. Unfortunately I can’t stay late for clean up as I have a one year old who will need to get to bed. Let me know if you would like me to help coordinate food or purchasing of supplies/utensils etc.

    Anne (Oceanne’s mom).

  2. Hi Jo-Anne,

    Xander can only get there tonight for 6pm earliest – hoping he’ll still have time to play the Halloween pieces – he’s really looking forward to tonight!


    Marcia – Xander’s Mom

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