Volunteer position available- blog administrative assistant


Alert readers of this blog will notice various anomalies: Posts appearing twice under different categories; nothing posted under menu items….

This is because I am a fake computer person- I like “messing about in ,,,computers” and can do some basic stuff, but when it comes to something not working as it should, I am not great- sometimes I can accidentally do something right, but as often I am just blogging around in the dark.

This is a volunteer position which will fufil your volunteering obligation at OSA for the year.

It can be done from the comfort of your own computer!

I will give the lucky person my password and we can communicate by e-mail as to what needs doing that I cannot handle.  Currently I am having problems with the menu bar….. Ideally, you will SHOW me what to do with a given problem and I will be able to do that thing myself from then on. If you are a good teacher, you can quickly teach yourself out of the job.

It would be helpful if you are familiar with the WORDPRESS platform, used here, and no, I do not want to change to another one- I have moved on from Blogspot.com already.

I know some people can work with anything and that is ok if you really can, as well.

Please respond in comments or by e-mail if you are interested-you can start right away!

I really want to update this and get on with some teaching which starts today.

I am looking forward to a FLOOD of eager applicants!



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